Create a free Wix restaurant menu for multiple locations

And start selling your dishes online within minutes

Create a Wix restaurant menu for multiple locations and start selling your food online

Do you have a Wix restaurant website? We’ve got you. Now you can create a Wix restaurant menu for your multi-location restaurant with GloriaFood, fast and simple.

How to start:

  1. Create a free account with GloriaFood.
  2. In your restaurant dashboard, click on your restaurant name at the top.
  3. Then, click on “Enable multi-location dashboard” and you’re all set!
how to manage multiple restaurants in one dashboard

How to manage multiple restaurant locations, in one simple dashboard

Enable customers to order from any of your restaurant locations to boost your online sales.

Create separate menus for each location or a “Master” menu to rule them all. Customize each menu with irresistible photos, choices, and add-ons.

Then, publish the “See MENU & Order” buttons for each location to give your customers plenty of options to order.

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do you own multi-location restaurants? Try this free online menu maker for Wix restaurants

Start accepting online orders on your Wix restaurant website and watch your sales soar

Never miss an order again! All you need is one app to accept orders coming from any of your restaurant locations.

Download the app for free on your Android or iOS device to start receiving orders from hungry customers.

wix restaurant online ordering: accept incoming orders with our order-taking app

Attract new and returning customers with this online menu builder with built-in promotions

Take your restaurant expansion strategy to new heights.

Enable Wix restaurant online ordering at all your restaurant locations to take advantage of the built-in promotions module.

Entice customers with unique offers and discounts using our restaurant promotion templates, and they won’t be able to stay away.

restaurant chain management: manage multiple restaurant locations and offer regular promotions for each location

Get your own free restaurant menu
with the all-in-one ordering system by GloriaFood

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