Facebook food ordering system for your restaurant

Get additional business from your restaurant Facebook page

Having a social media presence is a great way to reach a bigger audience, promote your restaurant menu items and interact with your loyal customers. It is also free!

Take your social media marketing a step further and turn your restaurant’s Facebook into a source of revenue. With a Facebook food ordering system, you can do just that!

How can a Facebook food ordering system help your restaurant business

How to get a facebook menu app

Your potential clients spend a lot of their time on Facebook. So, if you don’t enable Facebook ordering, you are losing money. Think about all the orders you could receive if customers could access your online restaurant menu by simply clicking the “Start Order” button on your Facebook page.

Setting up Facebook online ordering is very easy and takes almost no time. You just need to add the “Start Order” button to your page and customize it with the smart link you get from us. Voila, let the orders roll in!

The best Facebook food ordering system

Forget about using the “Start Order” button to link to your website or a menu landing page. You can do much better! You can now allow your clients to start ordering food through Facebook by linking directly to your restaurant menu!

In just a few clicks, clients can add their favorite restaurant menu items to cart, order them, and enjoy them wherever they are. A Facebook food ordering app should always offer your clients a seamless experience!

How does the Facebook food ordering system work?

The great part about this Facebook food ordering system is that it requires no specialized knowledge or a huge amount of time to install.

After signing up on GloriaFood and creating an appetizing restaurant menu, you can simply use the smart link from the Publishing section to customize the “Start Order” button on your Facebook page.

When clients click the button, their delightful Facebook restaurant ordering journey begins. They will enjoy:

  • A beautifully organized restaurant menu: the menu layout is clean and leads the eye to all the carefully crafted dishes. The mouth-watering photos steal the show and leave clients scrambling to click on the order button. If you don’t have your own images, don’t worry, you can choose from our rich gallery of high-quality food photos.
  • An intuitive experience: to offer a 5-star experience, this Facebook menu easily guides your clients from the restaurant menu item choice and personalization options to the delivery and payment information.
  • Direct access from social media to menu: no unnecessary clicks, when they see a great dish on your page, they can just click on “Start Order” to reach your food ordering menu. Do you know how much it costs to add a menu to your Facebook page? Nothing! We know how much time, effort and money goes into opening a restaurant. We are here to help you with a free Facebook food ordering system with no hidden costs!

The happier the food customer is, the better for your restaurant business.

Learn how to add your menu to your Facebook page to get started.

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