Create Restaurant Menu

For Website & Facebook Page

Create a restaurant menu that looks great

If you need a reliable tool to create a restaurant menu online for free, you’ve landed in the right place.

Start adding your food menu items and don’t worry about a thing. The end result will look great, even on small mobile devices.

create restaurant menu online free

Publish your Facebook menu app

One click and your Facebook menu app is installed. It will show your Menu button in the apps group and a new Facebook menu tab.

To complete the picture, you can even customize the Shop Now button to open your online restaurant menu.

Show your restaurant menu on the website

The same restaurant menu you created can be shown on the website. It’s super simple and also compatible with the website builders.

Just copy paste the provided code to your page and your Menu button will appear.

Start making money

Now that you’re all set with a brand new restaurant menu on your website and Facebook page, have you considered accepting online orders?

It’s a good opportunity to make more money. No fees, no commissions, it’s completely free.

Online restaurant menu and ordering system