How to add menu to Facebook page
and take free online orders

GloriaFood helps you easily create an online menu for your restaurant’s Facebook page. No more pdfs or clumsy solutions. An actual menu, browsable and looking good on any type of device.

Moreover, our platform enables you to accept online orders from within Facebook. Clients looking at your menu can select dishes, customize them and checkout, all within the same Facebook menu app.

Facebook ordering for restaurants

How to add menu to Facebook page

  • Create a free account on the GloriaFood platform and fill in your restaurant profile. This includes setting up the menu and installing the mobile app for taking online orders. No worries, it’s all visual, clicks and drag & drops.
Create free restaurant menu
  • Once you’re done, you can go ahead and add the menu to the Facebook page. Go to the Facebook section → Publishing and click on Start installation
  • Select the Facebook page where the ordering app should appear and click “Add Page Tab
Add menu to facebook page for online ordering

That’s it! A new tab will appear in your Facebook page.

How to set up the Facebook primary button

Make sure you also customize the main call to action of the page (the blue button) to point to your Facebook menu.

Facebook button to take online orders

Here’s how:

  • Click on the blue button
  • Go to Make a Purchase or Donation and select Shop Now
Add online ordering button to Facebook
  • In the pop-up, paste the link provided by the platform in the Publishing section.
Online restaurant on your Facebook page

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