Replace your outdated PDF restaurant menu with an online ordering menu

Don’t miss out on online orders because of old habits. Increase sales and gain new customers with an online menu.

Why PDF restaurant menus are a thing of the past

While PDF menus are fine for printing and displaying at your restaurant, the PDF menu has no place on restaurant websites anymore.

If you have a food order website, or even if you’re just displaying your menu on the website for customers to browse before they make a reservation, you need a mobile-friendly restaurant menu.

In 2021, global mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic, with 56% of users browsing on their mobile devices.

Here are the main reasons why you should say goodbye to the PDF restaurant menu on your website and replace it with a responsive online menu:

  • Not user-friendly: Customers don’t want to wait for large PDF files to download on their phone or computer. Nor do they want to zoom in and out to navigate the menu depending on the device they’re using. Plus, busy customers don’t have time to search in their phone for the downloaded menu whenever they want to check it out. But with an online ordering menu, all these problems disappear.
  • Difficult to update: Say you want to add a new menu item, update your prices, or include a limited-time promotion to your menu. With a PDF, you’ll have to edit the whole thing and then reupload it to your website, which can be extremely time-consuming if you make changes often. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you’re going to have to pay someone to do it for you, which can get quite pricey.
  • Can hurt your restaurant SEO: One of your website’s main ranking factors is loading speed. The faster the website loads, the more satisfied both your customers and Google will be. But PDF menus load slower, which could hurt your search engine rankings.
  • Will make you lose sales: If users have to work hard to read your menu, they’ll simply search for another place to eat. Capture their interest with an online ordering menu instead.
Online ordering menu for restaurants

Go digital with a free online ordering menu

What if we told you, you could kill two birds with one stone and get rid of your old PDF menu while also taking online food orders on your website?

Use our online restaurant menu maker to create an irresistible digital menu with a built-in online ordering system.

Customers will be able to browse your menu on any device and place food orders through the user-friendly interface.

You can make changes to the menu whenever you want and publish them on your website in real-time.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to customize your online menu with choices and add-ons.

How to create a restaurant menu online for your website and Facebook page

You don’t need to be a computer expert to make a food menu that will leave your customers drooling.

Just install our free online ordering menu software on your website to add a custom order button that customers can click to browse your menu and order.

If you have a WordPress restaurant website, you can use our restaurant menu plugin.

You can also add a customized ordering menu link to Facebook’s Start Order button following these steps and bring in even more online orders.

how to make a menu online for your restaurant website

How to accept online orders straight from your smartphone in seconds

Once those orders start coming in, all you need to do is accept them via our free order taking app for Android and iOS.

The intuitive app allows you to accept orders with a tap and provide your customers with an estimated order fulfillment time.

It’s that easy to go from a PDF menu to an online ordering menu that will make you money even while you sleep!

order taking app for your online ordering menu

Dare to dream even bigger: How to make an online menu with QR code

QR code menus is the latest digital menu trend. Say goodbye to printing PDF menus altogether and replace them with a dine-in QR code menu on every table.

This will enable customers to scan the code using their phone, browse your menu, and place an order without having to wait for a server.

And the best news? You can create a QR code menu for free. Check out the video tutorial below to learn how.

Get your own free restaurant menu
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