How to make a restaurant menu

And turn it into a revenue-generating rockstar with a built-in online ordering system

How do you stay competitive in an industry that incorporates more and more technology in everyday business?

Nowadays, it simply isn’t enough to open your restaurant, put up a sign outside, and expect customers to just barge in.

You may serve delicious dishes which you pour your heart into every day. Sadly, that's not enough to build an online business. You need to shine a spotlight on your menu so customers can see it!

So how do you bring your menu items to the spotlight?

And how do you make sure more people see them? Start by attracting offline customers with flyers and signs featuring spicy promos and delicious food images.

Use a mouthwatering online menu to maximize your chances of having your menu seen more online customers.

The typical online consumer responds well to images, particularly food images when they’re hungry. Throw in a special deal or discount and you’re golden.

By giving customers the option to order from the comfort of their homes or for the whole office, you expose your menu to a whole new audience that will boost your sales.

The good news is you can enable food delivery and pickup in minutes, without spending a dime.

We provide an online restaurant menu that you can create on the spot, update as many times as you wish, and publish on your website to allow customers to place orders online.

Are you ready to expand your business online and give customers a seamless food ordering experience? Here’s how to make a good restaurant menu in a few easy steps:

How to make a restaurant menu online to boost your sales

Before you start creating a killer menu that’s both intuitive and modern, sign up for a free account and put together your restaurant profile by filling in basic information: operating hours, location, delivery zones, etc.

Then, you’ll need to create a menu for your restaurant:

  1. Go to your restaurant dashboard -> Setup -> Menu setup Setup and use our intuitive drag & drop visual editor to add categories and items to your menu.

    how to make a restaurant menu
  2. Personalize each dish with attractive food descriptions that let customers know how it’s prepared. You can also enable your hungry foodies to select portion sizes, crust types or add extra toppings and sides to their order. All with just a few clicks.

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Draw customers in even more by adding images to each menu item. They won’t be able to resist! Upload your own or choose from our free database of stock photos for your menu categories.

  4. Create irresistible promotions to attract more people and turn one-time customers into regulars. One of the main things to consider when making a menu is how to appeal to as many people as possible. The possibilities are endless with our restaurant promotion templates.

    From discounts on selected items to free delivery, buy one get one free, or meal bundles, these special offers will be the highlight of your menu.

    You can personalize them further by applying them to specific customers only, for a limited timeframe, or based on the time of day (e.g.: lunch menu offers).

  5. Publish the menu on your website by adding the “See MENU & Order” button in a highly visible place on your homepage. When clicked, this opens up your restaurant menu, enabling customers to order. The menu is optimized for all devices and ridiculously simple to use because we want to help you get good reviews only!

    All you need to do to publish the menu is copy-paste the HTML snippet we provide in your restaurant dashboard on your website. That’s it! Watch the video below for full instructions on how to add the order button to your website, depending on your website builder.

    If you don’t have a restaurant website yet, we’ve got you covered. Use our restaurant website generator to whip up your very own sales & SEO optimized website in minutes. No technical skills needed!

  6. Review & confirm orders with the free order taking app for iOS or Android. Each time someone places an order, you get notified instantly so that you can give an ETA for the hungry customer on the other end.

    create a menu free and start taking online food orders by tonight
  7. Start cooking! Focus on what you do best, and we’ll handle the rest.

Creating an online restaurant menu and enabling online ordering is all free of charge. You can accept as many orders as you want, without worrying about hidden fees or commissions.

We monetize through our premium features that bring added value to restaurants everywhere, so we provide these basic services for free to support small and medium restaurants to grow organically.

How to make a restaurant menu with our restaurant menu maker

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