How to make a food menu for restaurants

And turn it from a list of food items into your business partner

Something to chew on

Your food menu is more than a list of dish titles and prices. It’s an extension of your restaurant’s personality and it should sell by itself. It should be timeless, easy to maintain, while being clear & neatly designed for your customers.

Aside from laying it on your tables and watch clients skim through it after putting down their phones, how about taking it online to your website and Facebook page? And, better yet, why not allow your visitors to order pickup or delivery directly from it, with just a few clicks? It’s easier than you think and it gives you the much-needed competitive advantage in a more and more technological world.

According to, users spend an extra 4% when ordering online.
Get started today – it’s free forever, for both restaurants and customers, without any ads or commissions.

In order to set up the food menu and take online orders, you simply start by creating a restaurant profile and adding some basic information like location, operating hours, etc.

Let’s get started on how to make a food menu that sells:

How to make a food menu in order to engage customers into buying?

  1. Use our intuitive and easy drag & drop editor to add items and food categories to your menu.
  2. Personalize dishes so that you’ll leave customers mouth-watering and ready to buy. Add toppings, portion sizes and allow them to customize their order. For example, if you have burgers on the menu, you can even let clients select the doneness degree of their meat or the crust type for pizzas. The possibilities are endless!
  3. You buy with your eyes.” While the rule of thumb is to go shopping on a full stomach, the opposite will work to your advantage. Let’s be honest, most people will go to your website and check out your menu when they’re hungry. So make sure you add pictures to your food categories or choose from our free database of stock images.
    You can even upload one for every dish, so that your clients know what to expect (and drool away while waiting for it to be ready).
  4. How to make a food menu and add representative images
  5. Offer first-time deals or loyalty discounts with the built-in promotion engine. You can easily create combo offers or generate coupons & target specific customers. You can even set special deals during specific weekdays or time of day (e.g.: set a group discount during lunchtime in order to grab office workers’ attention).
  6. Add it to your website by adding the “See MENU & Order” button. It’s basically just copy-pasting a piece of HTML code in a visible part of your site. When clicked, it will open the restaurant menu in all its delicious glory, optimized for any screen size. Sure beats downloading a PDF to see what’s cooking, doesn’t it?
  7. Add it to Facebook too and allow clients to order without having to leave the social platform.
How to make a food menu for website and Facebook

Take those online orders like a pro

Now that your restaurant menu is all set, all that’s left is to review and confirm them instantly, without any interruptions or confirmation calls. Our free order taking app simplifies the process – each time an order is placed, you receive an alert on your smartphone or tablet.

After you decide the delivery time, you simply tap and your client gets the reply instantly.

That’s it! Now all you need to do is start cooking.

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