Squarespace restaurant menu and online ordering

The days when the pdf menus were acceptable are long gone. Today it’s super easy to create your Squarespace restaurant menu. With the GloriaFood menu editor you get all the help you need.

  • Choices and add-ons for customizing your items while keeping your menu clean and easy to browse;
  • Free stock of food images to stimulate appetite;
  • Online promotions support.

A good online menu generates sales. Allow your customers to order online for pickup or delivery. It’s completely free, no commissions or fees, unlimited orders.

Your customer will find the checkout really convenient and user friendly. Here’s a demo menu.

online restaurant menu with online ordering for squarespace

How it works

Create a GloriaFood account a fill in your restaurant profile. Insert your food menu and install the mobile app for receiving the online orders. This is all visual, clicks and drag & drops.

Once you’re done, you receive your custom See Menu & Order button. It’s a piece of HTML code that you copy-paste in your Squarespace website. See instructions below.

how gloriafood works

How to add the menu button in Squarespace

Squarespace allows you to add html code to your website by using a content block called “Code”. The only restriction is that you can add content blocks only in the “Page Content” section of the template.

Having this in mind, find a good place on your homepage where the menu button should go. Good means above the fold and visible at a glance.

Add a Code block.

how to add the menu button for the squarespace restaurant menu

And paste in the custom html code provided by the GloriaFood platform.

copy paste the html code of your squarespace restaurant menu

That’s it! The menu button will show up. You can customize it further to match your design and you can add it as many times you need throughout your website.