Wix restaurant menu with online ordering

Accept pickup and delivery orders without having to pay a commission on your sales. You can expedite your ordering process and give clients the online shopping experience they've come to expect with a Wix restaurant menu. Use the GloriaFood’s menu editor to

  • Create an easy to navigate menu that will have your customers craving over every item listed.
  • Entice your customer to order more by creating truly irresistible restaurant promotions;
  • Manage your menu on the go with our mobile order-taking app.

No one wants to make food orders over the phone these days. It’s all about the convenience and comfort of doing things online. Your customers can place orders straight through your website using any device thanks to the Wix restaurant app and online ordering tool. You may set up different delivery zones or make it simple to pick up orders inside.
Here’s a demo menu.

how gloriafood works

Setting up your Wix restaurant website to accept online food orders only takes a few minutes with GloriaFood’s online ordering system.

See instructions below.

how gloriafood works

How to add the see menu & order button in Wix

Video Instructions

  • Log in to your Wix restaurant website.
  • Start with your homepage. Find the place where you want to position your “See MENU & Order” button. We suggest you to include it in a prominent location, such as the navigation bar and the header of your pages. This will ensure that your customers can quickly find it.
  • Move to the editor’s left menu and click Embed → Embed a Widget. A new grey container will appear on the screen
    wix restaurant template
  • Position the grey container to the desired area on the page where you want the button to appear.
  • Click on it to reveal the small contextual menu and then click on HTML Settings – Code to open the settings window.
    Wix restaurant online ordering
  • Paste the HTML code and click Apply.
    wix restaurant template

If all is done right, the menu button will show up on your WIx restaurant website, like this:

Wix restaurant online ordering

You can customize the button further to match your web design and you can add it to as many pages you need throughout your website.