How to make
your own restaurant menu

Free menu maker for website and Facebook page

Given the right tool, creating an online restaurant menu becomes a piece of cake. Here’s how to make your own restaurant menu, publish it online and even start online ordering, if you will.

Make your own restaurant menu

make your own restaurant menu free

Our menu builder allows you to create an online menu like the one you see here. It’s fast and very intuitive.

The menu supports (and we highly encourage) the use of pictures. As you might not have your own, we help with a generous stock of professional images that you can use. And for you to be very effective, the system pre-selects those pictures that are most relevant for your cuisine and food categories.

free restaurant menu online with customizable items

For each food item, besides the description and price, you can use choices and add-ons to list all customization options in a clean and organized manner.

In this example here, you create this “Toppings” add-on once and then simply drag and drop on every pizza dish. It’s that simple.

Set up your restaurant profile

If this sounds good, then make sure you create an account. You need to set up your restaurant profile with some basic contact data and info on services you provide (like pickup or delivery, payment methods available or phone number to order). These information will be available in the online restaurant menu widget. Afterall, when seeing your menu, you would want your clients to either come to dine in, or contact you to order.

Once you’re done with the profile, you receive your unique html code for the “See Menu & Order” button. Copy paste it on the website and it will open your online menu. Just like this:

See MENU & Order

Start taking online orders

Once you are ready to make more money, get started with online ordering. You can start small (like only pickup or only a couple of hours) or get all in (taking orders day and night, even when the restaurant is closed). Whatever is best for your business. The system can accommodate any scenario.

Your own restaurant menu with integrated online ordering system: a completely free combo. No setup fees, no commissions, no binding contracts. Don’t wait any longer!

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