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How it works

Your restaurant menu is your business and a must have on your website. And today you can set up your online menu yourself, with our free menu maker. Forget about feeling helpless or calling your developer for as little as a price change.

The online restaurant menu maker is very visual and easy to use. You type in the menu items, use drag and drop to move things around and check simple boxes to activate or disable options. No coding or designing skills are required to get a beautiful online menu design.

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Moreover, we acknowledge the power of images for creating appetite, while we do know that professional images are not at hand for everyone. So we took care of this as well. The restaurant menu builder comes with a free stock of delicious food images that you can use.

Online menu design sample

The basics of the online restaurant menu maker

A menu should be easy to glance through and browse to a desired item. Having this in mind, this is how we designed the layout:

  • Theme picture: it’s the image that opens up your menu. It should be a beautiful photo, representative to your restaurant’s cuisine. Add your own or feel free to use one of our recommendations.
  • Food categories: group menu items together. Each category carries a representative image (Pizza, Pasta, Hot drinks etc.), that the system automatically suggests based on your input (which of course, you can change). We highly encourage you to use the categories to keep your menu organized and easy to read.
  • Menu items: this is your speciality. Make the most of the images and descriptions. Upload good quality photos of your dish and write appetizing, but clear descriptions.
Online restaurant menu maker screenshot

Some rules cannot be broken: the online restaurant menu has to look good on any device. Hunger might not always strike in front of a PC.

This restaurant menu layout adapts to any kind of screen size or resolution. The images automatically resize as appropriate and items rearrange, so in the end you get this clean and easy to follow design.

Online restaurant menu on mobile devices

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