Lose the old-school PDF restaurant menu

What you’re missing out on because of old habits

The not so friendly PDF restaurant menu

It’s not that we don’t like PDF menus. They can be okay to print out and stick to the fridge at work to quickly choose dishes from your favorite restaurants.

However, from a user perspective, it’s more unnatural to download something on your laptop to read it. After you finished the “lecture”, you’ll have to go to the folder where it was downloaded to remove it.

In some cases, a PDF menu for restaurants can be larger than 10MB, which becomes a problem for mobile users. Every online stats authority out there confirms that mobile usage has long surpassed desktop users.

This means that a large chunk of your website’s visitors are on a smartphone or tablet. In this scenario, downloading a PDF restaurant menu is becoming a burden and here we see a lot of users tapping the “Back” button. These are potential customers that were lost.

PDFs are difficult to maintain over time.

A PDF menu will get messy, unless you have a designer on call every time you want to change an item. Not to mention pricey, unless you design it yourself. Each adjustment will mean a new re-upload on your website and you should be busy growing your business, not handling redundant tasks.

Online restaurant menu

Maximize efficiency with a FREE restaurant menu plugin

They say no school’s better than old-school but in order to grow you have to graduate.

Our online restaurant menu plugin allows you to show off your dishes, any special promo or coupon deal. The best part is that your customers can order directly from your website or Facebook page. Also free of charge, of course.

And to make the experience complete, you can review and confirm all of your orders with a free order taking app for Android and iOS devices.

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