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With your clients spending so much time on Facebook, it only comes natural that your strategy includes a Facebook page for your restaurant. But now that you have the page, you also need to show your menu on it.

Why use a Facebook menu app?

You probably want your restaurant menu to be easy to find in the crowded Facebook page. And you probably also want the menu browsing to happen without the user leaving your restaurant page. In this case you need a Facebook menu app. The app will add a new tab to your page, containing the menu, and will have a dedicated visible image in the Apps section, making it easy to be seen by your customers.

Which Facebook menu app to choose?

While there are several options available for the Facebook menu app, take a moment to think about your needs. The following list might help:

Facebook menu app with the tab opened
  • The look and feel. The menu is your business, so the way is displayed to your customers is important. Browsing the menu should be a great, appetite-stimulating user experience. While this highly depends on your offering, it’s also important that the menu layout of the app is well organized and clean, and images are supported. In case you don’t have your own food images yet, a big plus could be that the menu editor already contains some predefined good-quality photos.
  • Ease of use. Go for a food menu editor that is intuitive and easy to use. Simple stuff always work.
  • Your website. Is Facebook the only channel where you want to publish your online menu, or is your website on the list as well? Manage only one menu for both your website and Facebook page. This is the way to go.
  • Online ordering. While you are aiming to show your menu online, have you also thought about online ordering? If taking orders online is also on the agenda, you should go for a menu maker that has the ordering system integrated.You can activate order-taking anytime you want. Or not. It’s up to you.
  • Cost. Last but not least. You have enough bills to pay, so you might want to go for something free. Ideally, both the Facebook menu app and online ordering should come for free.

If you are thinking that you cannot find something that checks all these criteria, think again! We provide online restaurant menus for websites and Facebook pages, plus online ordering system, all FREE.

Facebook menu app for restaurants

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