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Tips for cooking a successful online business

Having an online presence is a must have these days for any restaurant business. And done right, it can be a real sales booster. While you might start with the online menu, we’re bringing to your attention the other (technical) ingredients that contribute to a successful online business. Keep them in mind and know that they are all available in the GloriaFood platform.

Create a restaurant menu

Pdfs or images that customers download from your website are a complete no go. You need to create a restaurant menu that can be easily accessed and browsed from any device. In a nutshell, here’s what you need for a good food menu:

  • Structure the online menu into categories. Especially if you have a big menu. It makes it easy to glance through and find items.
  • Use good quality images. Remember how you should not buy groceries on an empty stomach? You get the same effect online. Your hungry customers are very sensitive to mouth-watering dishes that you show on your website.
  • Write nice and clear descriptions. Although not as powerful as the images, nice descriptions can stimulate appetite. Be careful though not to go overboard with the epithets.
  • Make it easy to customize a dish. Flexibility is good. Whether you offer multiple choices of sides for main dishes or tons of toppings for making your own pizza, everything should be simple and easy for the customer to understand and choose.
  • Keep it up to date. It’s very disappointing, as a client, to set your mind on something and then hear that the item is not available. So take the time to keep your menu up to date. Especially that it’s so easy to change anything to the online menu.
Create a restaurant menu online

Show your promotions

Another good thing about creating a restaurant menu online with the GloriaFood platform is that you can show different versions of the menu depending on who is viewing it. Offline you have the same offering for everybody. Online, however, you can set different promotion to different types of customers. This becomes helpful when you want to incentives different segments without leaving money on the table. Imagine promotions like:

  • Special combos for new clients only;
  • A free something for someone ordering from a particular delivery area;
  • Rewards for frequent buyers or
  • Discounts on order value.
Create restaurant menu promotions

Accept online orders

Once you have created the restaurant menu, accepting online orders is piece of cake. You receive and confirm the orders directly on your smartphone or tablet, which is a lot more efficient than having someone answering calls and manually introducing the customer’s order. Not to mention that with the option “order for later”, you can accept orders 24/7 - completely free of charge.

Optimize your website for sales

The best restaurant websites are not necessarily the most fancy, but the ones that serve the customer fast. And what your customer needs is simple: clear contact info to get to your place, easy online ordering to get the food delivered and a good food offer.

One more thing: key to having a successful online business is having a reachable online business. Meaning that optimizing for search engines is important for getting visitors on your website.

The GloriaFood platform helps you create your restaurant menu with promotions and integrated online ordering and, on top, can also generate your very own restaurant website, SEO ready and good to go live. Try it free!

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