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Create your online restaurant menu to grow your business

Our online restaurant menu editor is super simple to use, yet flexible to support any dish-specifics.

With a free stock of food images available and a user-friendly layout, rest assured, the end result will look great on any device.

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Add a restaurant menu to your Facebook page

In just a few clicks you’ll set up an online restaurant menu on Facebook to start turning those likes into orders.

Your followers can order their favorite meals without having to leave Facebook.

Free online restaurant menu maker for Facebook

Show your restaurant menu on the website

Our online restaurant menu creator allows you to easily add an ordering button to your website following our step-by-step instructions.

This way, your customers can check the menu and order online from an intuitive and friendly interface.

Online restaurant menu creator with food ordering for restaurant website

Unlimited online orders free of charge

It’s a good opportunity for you to make more money without having to spend any.

Allow your customers to order online and take your business to the next level.

No ads, no fees or commissions.

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Review and confirm orders with a tap

This free online restaurant menu maker is fully integrated with our order taking app.

Free of charge, this iOS and Android app allows you to review online orders and send a response to customers in real time.

Free online restaurant menu creator with online ordering app

What our customers are saying

Real people. Real thoughts.

  • Mike

    MIKE N.
    Restaurant Manager | Cupertino, California, USA

    Alexander's Steakhouse SV

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    "Firstly, I want to say that your platform essentially saved our company and jobs for at least a couple of dozen people in our organization. We hit a scramble and were signing up for all the delivery services we could in order to keep our doors open. I was able to setup GloriaFood on the fly and incorporate it into our company and in one week, we've been able to open some of our other concepts back up as well.
    Unexpectedly, it became the favorite with all of our management teams for its simplicity, even unaware that you were commission-free. The other platforms were too complicated or posed technical difficulties that they couldn't manage when they were slammed by the onslaught of new restaurants signing up. The GloriaFood team continued to respond to my questions in a timely manner. We are grateful for you guys over here."

  • Kevin

    KEVIN O.
    Restaurant Webmaster | Naperville, US

    Uncle Pete’s Pizza

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    "Great interface and easy to configure Works great and user friendly. Able to take orders the same day. Looking forward to using this for a long time. Suits needs exactly."

  • Baljit

    Baljit S.
    Restaurant Owner | Brisbane, Australia

    Punjabi Palace

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    "When we've started we had less than 15 orders a day online and within a few months we got to hundreds of orders. To make sure we're doing it right, we also did a survey and the system got a score of 4.6 out of 5 points from approx. 200 people answering on the "how was your online ordering experience" question. I guess we'll continue using this system since it's really delivering results and food clients are happy with it."

  • Joe

    JOE J.
    Restaurant Webmaster | Liverpool, NY, US


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    "Online sales is increasing while orders via phone are decreasing. GloriaFood gives the customers the convenience to order, thus they order more frequently."

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